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Death in the wildy would also require OSRS gold a rework
Death in the wildy would also require OSRS gold a rework, either much higher reclaim cost from Death, or disable reclaim from Death and requiring running back to your grave for wildy deaths if you'd like your things back (which will likely mean gearing up in Death's office to return into your grave, just in-case you encounter a toaster across the way). Revs are seen by me though they should be drifting directors, solo, although like the wildywyrm rather.

Revs were a non problem targeted. Gear has also improved since then so it is not like EoC is the reason they are easy now since people tend to kill them anyhow. Wilderness would do nicely for a new questing/skilling hub and only make mobs that have higher levels and Afro as you go to give it some risk. Revs would be a joke for high level runescape gamers or impossible for anything but also we and them do not need that zone suddenly inhospitable to the majority of runescape players who solves nothing.

You are thinking too. Consider all the different revs you will find, and have them actually scale up with each tier of rev - imp rev would be something similar to giant mole or KBD if you've got 50s stats, and dragon rev are something such as ripper demons, or perhaps rax, if you are maxed. Make them appear somewhat similarly to wildywyrm (but don't show a icon on world map); there could be a wide range of just how many are spawned and where they are on every world; could be none on earth A but 20 or 30 revs spawned on earth B, which means that you will never know if you're about to buy 2007 runescape gold get ambushed by 4 or 5"ripper demon"-like revs or if there would just be 1"giant mole"-like rev.

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